Spiritual Healing
The International Church and Healing Fellowship.








ICHF Head Office:

Harmony Church and Healing Sanctuary,

Limestone Road,
North Yorkshire,
YO13 0DG

Tel: 01723 871218

E-mail : admin@ichf.org.uk

Inner Light Foundation Ltd.

Registered Company
No: 5495829
Registered Charity
No. 1112002

Council Members

Ray BrownRevd. Raymond Brown (President & Trustee) has been involved with healing virtually all his life. From a very early age he had out-of-body experiences; Spirit's preparation for his life of dedication in allowing Spiritual Surgeon Paul to completely take over his body. This unique partnership has benefitted thousands of people who would otherwise be suffering pain. Raymond dedicates most of his days to going into trance and allowing Paul to work through him. History knows him as 'Paul of Tarsus', but his grateful patients simply know him as Paul. Raymond and his wife Gillian have experienced many challenges, but their love for Spirit has never wavered and together they give so many people the opportunity of being treated by Paul.




Jilly BrownRevd. Gillian Brown (Vice-president & Trustee) Raymond's wife was a founder member of the Bury St Edmunds Spiritualist Church and served as Secretary and President for over 15 years. Her life was devoted to spiritual work and helping people to learn of Spirit and train as mediums. She was a medium and healer with the NFSH as well as qualifying with the London School of Aromatherapy as a Holistic Therapist. This led her to meet Raymond and start working alongside Paul. With her experience and many skills, she organised Raymond's life so that Paul could reach more patients. For many years now she has been the cheerful and dedicated catalyst between Raymond and Paul, arranging healing clinics, seminars and demonstrations all over the world.




Susan HewittRevd. Susan Hewitt (Chairman, Trustee and Editor) travelled extensively with her Army parents and international hotel career before settling in Yorkshire. She has worked for Spirit for over 35 years and has trained and progressed as a clairvoyant, trance medium, spiritual writer and spirit artist. She is a spiritual healer practitioner / trainer using Paul's healing methods. Susan and Tony have a dedicated healing group at Harmony Church and Healing Sanctuary near Scarborough. Susan's background is in administration, personnel management and training, health and hospitality and she is dedicated to promoting spiritual healing and teachings.




Tony HewittRevd. Tony Hewitt MBE (Administration, Trustee and Web site) became involved with Spirit after retiring from motorcycle road racing in 1990 and winning the Sidecar World Championship three times with his driver Steve Webster. He previously worked for an architect and then as a civil engineer for British Railways for 24 years. He has been a Queen's Scout and was a leader in the Scouting movement. As well as running a country guest house and retreat with Susan, he is a healer practitioner and has built the Harmony Church and Healing Sanctuary dedicated to Paul's healing methods and Spirit's teachings. It is the first purpose built Church of St Paul for the organisation and was consecrated by Paul himself in 2006.




Rita ReedMrs Rita Reed (Trustee)became aware of healing over 40 years ago when she asked for help for a young, terminally-ill boy. She saw the help he was given and started her search for spiritual truths. She eventually trained as a healer and medium and worked with her husband who was a psychic artist. Since he passed, she has worked on her own. Her main love and interest is in healing and she has been training healers for about 15 years. Having become aware of, and impressed by Paul’s healing, she is now delighted to be a trainer for the ICHF




Christine HemingwayRevd. Christine Hemingway has been aware of Spirit most of her life as her grandmother was clairvoyant and her father was a healer. After devoting much of her life to being a wife and mother, in 1997 she feels she was guided to Spirit Paul, his teachings and his doctors. Chrissie is a Healer Trainer and was very excited to be part of the planning and building of the first Church of St Paul and feels so very privileged to work as one of Paul's Ministers. Chrissie has been the curator of a prestigious art gallery and also the manager of another gallery in Whitby.




Tony HewittRevd Jacqueline Smith (Church Registrar)







Tony Hewitt Revd Susie Rousell





The Management Committee also includes two 'Membership Representatives', as below:-

Pam RuddMrs. Pam Rudd was encouraged by Jilly to train as a healer when she visited Ray’s clinic in 2006. She attended their monthly clinics and learnt much under Paul’s guidance and was able to set up a healing group in Radlett. Since then her quest has been to understand and offer spiritual healing as best she can. In 2009 she joined a small group visiting Jilly & Ray’s Retreat in Spain for a week where Paul is able to discuss and demonstrate his healing methods in great detail and guide you to a clear perception of spirit. For her this opportunity brought a ‘completeness’ to her quest and she hopes to bring Paul’s message to as wide an audience as possible.



Jane BurdinMrs. Jane Burdin has been aware of the spirit world since her childhood when at an early age she communicated with spirits. She became more aware at the age of eleven when she was pulled literally from what would have been a fatal car accident whilst stepping out onto a road. She is a teacher, mother and in the past has been a carer. Jane has been a healer for the past twenty years, an active medium for about six years and is at present training to be a trance medium. She works every week as a healer within the team at the Radlett healing group, North East London.